The CRIS Victim Assistance program is funded by the Illinois Attorney General and assists victims of violent crimes who are 55 years of age and older. These persons are victims of violent crimes committed by strangers and may impact the safety and mental and physical well-being of the victim if issues of victimization are not identified and addressed.

What We Do

The Victim Assistance caseworker identifies and assists victims of violent crimes including battery, arson, assault, attempted murder, domestic violence, and home invasion. The caseworker assists the victim with working through the court system, acquiring medical care, counseling to address trauma due to victimization, and other services as determined to be needed. The goal is to assist the victim in remaining and feeling safe so as not to disrupt their normal life and living arrangement.

Our Goals

  • Develop and improve activities and services that promote recognition of the rights, needs and interests of crime victims in Illinois;
  • Provides victims with access to programs that supply needed information, assistance, and advocacy;
  • Educates the public about victim services; and
  • Ensures that victim service agencies provide quality services.