The CRIS Money Management program is a protective services program designed to assist seniors in remaining independent and relieving stresses associated with budgeting on a limited income. It also takes the budgeting and bill payment/money management responsibilities away from family and friends and helps eliminate the possibility of financial exploitation.

What We Do

The CRIS Money Management program utilizes well-trained volunteers to work with seniors on budgeting, sorting through mail, checkbook balancing, and bill paying. This program assists adults age 60 and over who need assistance due to physical or mental disabilities, unpaid bills, inability to read or write, loss of home due to foreclosure, or threats of utility shut-off. The volunteer can go to the home of the senior each month and assist with the financial needs of the client.

Your Money Manager

When an older adult qualifies for the Money Management program, they are matched with a volunteer. The volunteer meets with the client at least once a month to help with paying the bills, organizing paper-work, helping with making calls to creditors, and all other financial decision-making when necessary.

Program Safeguards

  • Insurance coverage of client funds is provided.
  • Volunteers are carefully selected, trained and provided ongoing support.
  • Volunteers only work from one designated account with a limit of $3,500.
  • Volunteer activity and accounts are monitored on a monthly basis.


To qualify for the Money Management Program, you must:

  • Be 60 or older or an adult with a disability
  • Meet the following income and asset guidelines:
    Single Person:
    $40,400 yearly income
    $17,500 assets
    Two-Person Household:
    $46,150 yearly income
    $35,000 assets