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Vermilion County Employment Opportunities

Case Worker/Investigator – Adult Protective Services

Position: Adult Protective Services Investigator/Caseworker

Reports to: Director of Quality Assurance

Minimum Requirements:

Must be at least 21 years of age, have a Bachelor’s Degree, and have a valid driver’s license, dependable transportation with current vehicle insurance, while ensuring that driver’s license and insurance are maintained. Must have good communication skills both verbal and writing and be able to collaborate with multiple organizations/agencies in Multi-faceted efforts. Be able to type a minimum of 40wpm with a familiarity with Excel and Microsoft office. Become AIRs A/D certified when CRIS offers testing. Must enjoy working with the older population, aged 60 and over, as well as working with individuals 18-59 with a disability. Have the ability to assess needs through nonverbal means, such as environment, body language and appearance. Must have a working knowledge of the judicial system to include the requirements and process of Orders of Protections and Guardianships. Must be able to pass a background check and be able to perform essential functions of the position.

Essential Functions:

1. Must have dependable transportation and be able to travel to and access to client’s homes.

To include but not limited to: stairs, ramps, fences, being able to stand for an unknowing amount of time.

2. Ability to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing, with the older population, age 60 and over, and/or disabled individuals, age 18-59, who may have hearing and/or speech impediments, as well as, program employees, Community Organizations/agencies, Professionals and Community members. Must be able to clearly communicate face to face and on the telephone.

3. Must be able to organize and prioritize caseload to meet required standards of the Adult Protective Services standards set by the Older American’s Act, Adult Protective Services Act and IDOA. To be able and willing to advocate/support each client based on individual needs.

4. Must be able to perform face to face assessments of alleged victims as well as alleged abusers. Must be able to determine victim/caregiver needs and have knowledge of appropriate intervention services to provide protection and to advocate/support victim to the extent the victim wants assistance and to be able to communicate the need to petition the court should the victim lack capacity to self-determination.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Create intakes that effectively communicate the abuse being reported and accurately reflect the reporter’s statements.

2. As assigned, initiate face to face contact with the alleged victims and thoroughly investigate cases of abuse in order to determine substantiation of abuse, neglect, exploitation or self-neglect.

3. Assess situations to provide protections to the alleged victim/victim by implementing Early Intervention Services to meet the immediate needs in the areas of housing, medical, food, utilities, etc. to ensure the abuse has been decreased and/or alleviated.

4. Use investigative skills and techniques to assess the needs of the victim and abuser to change/eliminate the abusive situation during case work and follow up periods.

5. Refer abusive situations in which the victim needs the court system/law enforcement to determine orders of protection, charges in relation to a criminal offense against the victim, removal from a dangerous situation and/or guardianships to the Violent Crime Victim Assistance Coordinator and be able to effectively communicate the need and rationale as well as support the victim through the court processes.

6. Complete accurate and relevant paperwork that supports the decisions made and to be able to meet time frames and deadlines to ensure the victim is being protected to the fullest capabilities the law, resources and the victim allow.

7. Meet all training requirements that are outlined by IDOA Standards as well as the CRIS proposal

For the Adult Protective Services Grant. Attend staff meetings, in-services, webinars, conferences, health fairs, expos etc. that have been implemented and requested for attendance by the Outreach Director. When Training takes the Adult Protective Services Investigator/caseworker away from the CRIS Office, the Adult Protective Services Investigator/caseworker will be paid for time spent traveling to and from training, time in training and a per diem as calculated by the IRS accounting system for meals and or mileage should a personal vehicle be used. All Accommodations and traveling will be set up by the CRIS Business office.

8. Provide advocacy to victims by using the direction of the victim or working in the best interest of the victim as well as discuss cases with the Director of Outreach Services and/or Adult Protective Services Coordinator as outlined in the IDOA Adult Protective Services Standards.

9. Make appropriate referrals to other agencies and to programs administered by CRIS to meet the needs of clients.

10. Be aware of scams being committed on the older population as well as individuals with disabilities, being able to provide resources and support. Refer to the Victim Assistance Coordinator to aid in with filing claims with the Attorney General as well as local law enforcement.

11. Provide supportive services to victims to ensure their social, emotional, and physical well-being and assess and assist in overcoming or reducing the trauma of being a victim.

12. Provide community education programs to increase awareness of services available to victims and their abusers. This must be done independently and in cooperation with other agencies.

13. Become and stay familiar with services, resources and programs offered in the community for victims of abuse.

14. Work closely with other CRIS administrative and program staff in accomplishing all program and agency goals through community education, services and by participating in joint program activities and events.

15. Complete monthly and quarterly reports as stipulated in grant requirements and requested by the Director of Outreach Services.

16. Actively seek and find persons aged 60 and over as well as individuals age 18-59 with a disability in Vermilion County who maybe in need of services, through communication with law enforcement, State’s Attorney’s office and the judicial system.

17. You are a Mandated Reporter when in a professional capacity when the person is unable to create a report on their own behalf. Ensure intakes are completed for all suspected abuse, neglect, financial exploitation and self-neglect issues when the alleged victim in unable to make a report on their own behalf.

18. Perform community education regarding CRIS to further the goals of CRIS.

19. All other duties as may be assigned by Director of Outreach Services or the CEO.

Please send resume to or mail to CRIS Healthy-Aging Center, 309 N. Franklin, Danville, IL 61832. EOE

Click to download a PDF that you can edit, download, and email back to us. Please send all completed applications to: Applications may also be mailed or dropped off to CRIS Healthy-Aging Center, 309 N Franklin St, Danville, IL 61832.

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Champaign County Employment Opportunities

All candidates for a position with CRIS Healthy-Aging must undergo a criminal background check to be considered for employment. CRIS Healthy-Aging Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Send resume to CRIS Healthy-Aging Center, 309 N Franklin St, Danville, IL 61832 or submit resume to


Click to download a PDF that you can edit, download, and email back to us. Please send all completed applications to: Applications may also be mailed to CRIS Healthy-Aging Center, 309 N Franklin St, Danville, IL 61832.

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